PCV041, Plano-Concave Lenses, Vis AR Coating, 350-700nm, H-K9L Optical Glass, D=25.40mm

  • PCV041, Plano-Concave Lenses, coated Vis AR Coating, 350-700nm, made from H-K9L (BK7) optical glass compliant RoHS
  • This Plano-concave lens with a diameter of 25.40mm, has different focal lengths for you to choose from, f-50mm, f-75mm, f-100mm, f-200mm, f-300mm, f-600mm, f-1000mm.


CodeMaterialAR CoatingDiameter-mmFocal Length (EFL-mm)Back Focal Length (BFL-mm)Radius of Curvature (R1-mm)Center Thickness (Tc-mm)Edge Thickness (Te-mm)
PCV041-01H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-50.0-52.31-25.7503.56.9
PCV041-02H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-75.0-77.31-38.6303.55.6
PCV041-03H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-100.0-102.64-51.5104.05.6
PCV041-04H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-200.0/-103.3604.215.0
PCV041-05H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-300.0/-155.0404.485.0
PCV041-06H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-600.0/-310.0804.745.0
PCV041-07H-K9L (BK7)350-700 nm25.4-1000.0/-516.8004.845.0

Vis AR Coating Plano-Concave Lenses

These  Plano-Concave Lenses are manufactured using BK7 (N-BK7) compliant RoHS, coated Vis AR Coating, 400-700nm.

N-BK7 glass is almost the most economical material to choose when the additional advantages of ultraviolet fused quartz (high transmittance and lower coefficient of thermal expansion all the way up to the UV band) are not required.

Like all Plano-Concave Lenses, these lenses have a negative focal length, they are usually used in beam expansion applications, light projection, or focal length of expansion.

One side is flat, the other side is concave.

Tc---------- Center Thickness
Te---------- Edge Thickness
R1---------- Radius
Dia---------- Diameter

BFL ---------- Back Focal Length
EFL ---------- Effective Focal Length
H'-------------- Principal Point

Center Thickness Tolerance±0.1mm
Surface Irregular Accuracyλ/4 @632.8nm
Centering Tolerance<3 arcmin

Design Wavelength632.8nm
Focal Length Tolerance±1%
Diameter Tolerance+0.0/-0.1mm
Surface Quality40-20
Clear Aperture>90%

In order to minimize spherical aberration, the concave surface of the lens should face towards the light source.
In addition, they can be applied to counteract the effects of spherical aberrations caused by other lenses in optical systems.

N-BK7 Plano-Concave Lenses can also be uncoated and coated with other AR Coating

  • -Uncoated,
  • -B: AR@650-1100nm,
  • -C: AR@1050-1700nm,

anti-reflection coating can reduce the reflectivity of each surface of the lens.


Uncoated N-BK7 (10mm Thick Sample)


A Broadband AR Coating(8° AOI)

These high-performance multilayer anti-reflection coatings have an average reflectivity of less than 0.5% (per side) over a specified wavelength range.

These anti-reflection films are designed for an incident range of 0 to 30 degrees (0.5NA).

For optical systems intended for large incidence angles, conventional coatings optimized for 45° can be considered, and these AR films are effective from 25° to 52°.

The following diagram shows the properties of these standard coatings as a function of the wavelength. The broadband coating has a typical absorption of 0.25%, which is not indicated on the reflectance curve.

Weight 80 g
Focal Length

f-50mm, f-75mm, f-100mm, f-200mm, f-300mm, f-600mm, f-1000mm


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