BPB21, Round Broadband Plate Beamsplitters, K9 Optical Glass, NIP, 700-1100nm, φ25×3mmmm


Broadband Plate Beamsplitters

Broadband Plate Beamsplitters, beamsplitters are usually used at 45°. One surface is coated with a beam-splitting coating, and the other surface is coated with AR coating, which can divide the incident light into two parts: reflected light and transmitted light, and reduce the interference of beams and ghosting.

Technical Specifications

Surface Flatnessλ/2(each inch) @ 633nm
Parallelism<1 arc min
Surface Quality20/40-40-60nm
Coating -S1 Beam Splitting CoatingR/T ±10% (Average value of the designed bandwidth)

Dimension Tolerance +0.0/-0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance3mm±0.2mm
Chamfers 0.2-0.5mmX45°
Angle of Incidence45°
Coating -S2 AR CoatingRavg < 1% (Average value of the designed bandwidth)

Kindly Reminder

The Rectangular Plate Beamsplitters are designed to calculate according to the ratio of the length and width projection of the cylindrical beam at 45° incidence. This ensures that the reflected and transmitted beams are projected as identical circular spots.

The product in the link is an energy beamsplitters, requiring that the incident light itself does not have polarization characteristics, or the overall application has no special requirements for polarization

Weight N/A

20R/80T, 30R/70T, 40R/60T, 50R/50T, 60R/40T, 70R/30T, 80R/20T


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